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Omniquad Customer Update – National Cyber-attack 12.05.2017

Hackers have been exploiting data stolen from the US government and performed multiple cyber-attack across the UK and also globally. The NHS in particular has been affected. The attackers behind today’s outbreak of WannaCry ransomware are using EternalBlue, a remote code execution attack which takes advantage of a SMBv1 vulnerability in Windows. This vulnerability was… Read More ›

Protecting yourself, your pc and financial data from Cyber Attacks

You have probably read or seen it on the news. There will be a big cyber attack in two weeks. Not quite. In brief, it is not that the attack will come in two weeks, the issue is that Russian and Ukranian criminals’ botnet that was due to distribute this particular attack has been interrupted by the… Read More ›

Omniquad warns: Skype users targeted – Trojan horse through Email and Worms in instant messaging

Popular Internet Communications network, Skype has been targeted by internet fraudsters across multiple media in recent days with both a Trojan originating from scam emails, and worms affecting the Skype communication platform. Trojan horse in Email claiming to be from Skype An email purporting to come from Skype with subject heading “you have new voice… Read More ›

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