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How simulating Cyber Threats using role play can help you avoid the Pitfalls of Phishing and Spear-Phishing

SC Magazine wrote a great article in November, “Acting out: Cyber simulation exercises”, explaining how role play can play an important part for businesses combating cyber threats. The comparison to child’s play is good – just like children learn and develop new skills through role play, so can businesses learn through acting out cyber attack scenarios…. Read More ›

How to Protect against Email Threats, Spam, Phishing, Malware, Virus…

Recent Phishing and Email Scams: What can you do about them? Phishing scams–there is a new one every day; these official-looking emails show up unsolicited in inboxes around the world. These bogus emails are designed to steal login credentials or other vital information. Financial companies caught hacker’s attention early, with many banks and payment processor,… Read More ›

High volume of Emails to customers make it easy for spammers to target users with fake emails and scams ….

Why e-mails from Online Retailers, Networking sites, and other companies with a  highly targeted email marketing strategy make it easy for scammers  to target their customers/users with Phishing emails, Scams and Spam. These days we are targeted by a vast array of marketing communications. From roadside billboards, to magazine and newspaper advertisements, television, radio, sms… Read More ›

Spam Review: Walmart “Credit for being a customer” Scam

The last week we saw the US giant Walmart being used for another phishing scam attempt. We have intercepted a number of emails purporting to be from Walmart. The email claiming to be from Walmart and the recipient has been selected to receive a prize of $75 just for being a customer of the company.The… Read More ›

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