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Facebook Security – Learn how to spot scams and avoid malware on Facebook

Facebook Malware, Scams and Worms With billions of people connecting on social networking sites, these sites have become a number one target for scams, malware and worms. The only guaranteed way to keep yourself safe is not to join a social networking site but that is a bit like saying don’t have a computer. Knowledge… Read More ›

Has Facebook run its Course? Are problems within the social media platform too big to overcome?

Is Facebook Still Relevant Today? Facebook was once the top dog of social media platforms and could seemingly do no wrong. That is, until it did. With issues surrounding privacy, security and controversy plus the fact that competition is hot on its heels in the form of the Google+, is Facebook still relevant to both… Read More ›

Vine – Video sharing from Twitter is without privacy settings.

Twitter has a new Video Sharing Service, but it was launched without any privacy settings! You may have heard about Vine (recently acquired by Twitter), the new mobile video sharing service, which allows you to make short looping videos to share on Twitter and Facebook, and also the Vine network.  The idea is that you can easily… Read More ›

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