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Facebook Security – Learn how to spot scams and avoid malware on Facebook

Facebook Malware, Scams and Worms With billions of people connecting on social networking sites, these sites have become a number one target for scams, malware and worms. The only guaranteed way to keep yourself safe is not to join a social networking site but that is a bit like saying don’t have a computer. Knowledge… Read More ›

Facebook Email Scam warning – “your friend added a new photo”

Do not let this latest wave of scam emails trick you into clicking the big blue button in these emails. You wont get to see a photo of yourself, you will infect your system with a Trojan horse. Social networking has changed the way businesses communicate with their customers and partners, and how people stay… Read More ›

Social Media Phishing for more? Facebook Scams, Fraud, Phishing, Twitter Spam with malicious code …

Phishing attacks on Social Media sites.  Whether you are on Facebook, or on Twitter, or opening your own email, it seems any potential link to click can be a threat to your online safety.  People have reported ads on Facebook which asks for credit card details, Facebook passwords, etc. Likewise, Twitter spam with malicious links…. Read More ›

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