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Microsoft Azure Cloud Service Outages

Unreliability of Microsoft Azure calls for third party products and services to supplement Office 365 Instability in Azure has been causing some major down time for Microsoft’s Cloud customers, including Office 365 users.  According to Microsoft Azures website in the last week “We are experiencing a connectivity issue across multiple Azure Services”, “Microsoft is investigating an issue… Read More ›

Omniquad launches Mailwall Cloud – Wide Angle protection for Office 365

Many small and large businesses prepare to take to the Clouds with Microsoft Office 365. A cloud based solution makes sense, and a scale-able powerful cloud solution even more sense.  But is it enough? Sure, it is a good solution in terms of compliance, and in terms of day to day email, and archiving. But… Read More ›

Cloud hosted Email Security – Why the most agile and cost efficient business solution defending against email threats is Cloud Based

“Why does my company need a Cloud Based email filtering solution?” Valuable time is wasted every time employees check their e-mail, scan through, and delete useless inquiries. Further problems are created when viruses are cloaked in sophisticated e-mails which, the average employee may not be able to decipher as spam. In this era of technology,… Read More ›

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Good job, Mr. IT Director! You developed a great cloud computing strategy and executed brilliantly. You created a hybrid cloud architecture and incorporated contestability at multiple points in your technology stack to help you achieve the best service levels at the lowest cost. You’re ready to launch your cloud service to…

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