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Microsoft Azure Cloud Service Outages

November 27, 2014

Unreliability of Microsoft Azure calls for third party products and services to supplement Office 365 Instability in Azure has been causing some major down time for Microsoft’s Cloud customers, including Office 365 users.  According to Microsoft Azures website in the last week “We are experiencing a connectivity issue across multiple Azure Services”, “Microsoft is investigating an issue… Read More ›

Why Google+ Could Beat Facebook in the Social Networking War

Google+ VS Facebook When social networking as a concept was unleashed onto a wider audience, it was largely aimed at young people and of those most were divided between MySpace and Bebo. Then Facebook came crashing onto the scene in 2004 and really there has been very little competition since. Facebook seemingly offered it all;… Read More ›

MovieStarPlanet – Not just Child’s Play – What every parent should know.

MovieStarPlanet MovieStarPlanet is a free social interactive fantasy website created for children aged between 8 and 15 years old. Children get to choose from a variety of movie star characters, dress them up, choose their hairstyles, make movies, play games and chat. The point of the game is to earn fame and fortune by social… Read More ›

Facebook Security – Learn how to spot scams and avoid malware on Facebook

Facebook Malware, Scams and Worms With billions of people connecting on social networking sites, these sites have become a number one target for scams, malware and worms. The only guaranteed way to keep yourself safe is not to join a social networking site but that is a bit like saying don’t have a computer. Knowledge… Read More ›

Has Facebook run its Course? Are problems within the social media platform too big to overcome?

Is Facebook Still Relevant Today? Facebook was once the top dog of social media platforms and could seemingly do no wrong. That is, until it did. With issues surrounding privacy, security and controversy plus the fact that competition is hot on its heels in the form of the Google+, is Facebook still relevant to both… Read More ›

Heres looking at Vimeo! – Their security settings are pretty comprehensive!

Vimeo Vimeo is a video sharing social media platform that had 14 million active members in December 2012 and has over 675 million visits a year. Not bad for a website that was first launched to a small audience at the end of 2004. One of the major benefits of Vimeo is the high quality… Read More ›

Twitter – Getting the most out of Twitter while being aware of Security Risks

How to Make the Most of Your Twitter Account Twitter is one of the most popular social media networks around, with over 200 million active users all sending up to 500 million tweets per day. If you are not one of the many Twitterers out there then you may well be missing out as users… Read More ›

How Pinterest Rocked the World of Social Media

You have probably noticed the Pinterest button next to Facebook and G+ and the plethora of other buttons appearing on websites calling you to some sort of action. Pinterest is an extremely popular new type of social media which came out of virtually nowhere to become the third largest social platform in the world with… Read More ›

Blogging – Another aspect of Business and Life Online. But are there any Security Pitfalls?

Blogging – It seems everybody blogs these days. Is your website really reaching out to your audience? Are you engaging their attention in an entertaining and helpful way? Your site may tell the visitor everything about your company and the services you offer but does it actually talk to them? I think you know what… Read More ›

Instagram – What is it, what does it do? – Your non-tech guide to Instagram and Security risks involved

You have probably heard about Instagram – But what is it? (A “Newbies” Guide to Instagram) Your Quick and Easy Guide to Instagram Instagram is one of the most popular photo sharing apps there is with around 90 million active users per month uploading almost 40 million photos per day. So just why is it… Read More ›

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