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Omniquad Customer Update – National Cyber-attack 12.05.2017

May 12, 2017

Hackers have been exploiting data stolen from the US government and performed multiple cyber-attack across the UK and also globally. The NHS in particular has been affected. The attackers behind today’s outbreak of WannaCry ransomware are using EternalBlue, a remote code execution attack which takes advantage of a SMBv1 vulnerability in Windows. This vulnerability was… Read More ›

Security News in Brief

“Unfortunately, it’s likely your site was hacked.” Google has launched a new “Help for Hacked Sites” information series to help site owners deal with hacking and understand how to recover their hacked websites. There are articles and informative videos, detailing both what to do in case you are hacked, and help diagnose specific malware infection… Read More ›

Twitter Hacked – details of 250,000 Twitter users compromised.

Hackers have been keeping busy! In the last couple of weeks high profile American newspapers The Wall Street Journal and New York Times have both been hacked by Chinese hackers. There is nothing to suggest that the same hackers are behind the cyber attack on Twitter, but it has all come to light over the… Read More ›

News in Brief : Yahoo! and Formspring Hacked

Just a brief note to warn that Yahoo! and Formspring have been hacked. Formspring has asked its 28 million users to update their details after the breach which saw 430.000 passwords leaked online. The Register reports “A sample of 420,000 password hashes for the question-and-answer website have been posted online, sparking concerns that the entire user… Read More ›

Epidemiology of Malware – Applying epidemiological models in understanding outbreaks of Cyber threats

We stumbled upon an interesting study this morning which is worth sharing, and keeping as a reference. ” Online Promiscuity: Prophylactic Patching and the Spread of Computer Transmitted Infections” … Studying the spread of computer malware through the use of epidemiological models has been a useful tool in under- standing the dynamics of individual outbreaks of malware,… Read More ›

John Carr on Habbo Hotel

Habbo Hotel – Chat forum closed due to sexually explicit language

Habbo Hotel Chat forum closed due to pornographic content. Findings earlier this week revealed that the popular Habbo site has unwittingly attracted a number of users engaging in explicit chats with youngsters. As a consequence of these findings, Habbo Hotel has now closed its chat forum. The Habbo site is aimed at older children and… Read More ›

LinkedIn Security Breach – What are the consequences?

LinkedIn Security Breach –What are the possible consequences of this breach? Investigative journalism is vital in the wake of a breach. There has been a media storm following the security breach at business networking site LinkedIn, and rightly so because it is big news, and a stark reminder to never be lax with security, whether… Read More ›

LinkedIn Scam Emails stopped by Omniquad Mailwall Remote

Following the security breach where millions of passwords to business networking site LinkedIn was leaked online scammers are now targeting LinkedIn users. Emails are sent inviting users to click on the link to update their passwords. This is an example of a fraudulent password reset email purporting to be from LinkedIn: The scam emails claiming… Read More ›

Social Networking sites suffer security breaches – Passwords leaked online.

The last few days have seen security breaches at 3 different social networking sites. Professional networking site LinkedIn, dating site eHarmony and music forum have all been hacked and seen user details such as passwords leaked  online.  In some instances email addresses may be linked with the corresponding passwords. The technology news site Ars… Read More ›

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