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Focus on Scam Websites Part II – Paying over the odds to part with personal details. Extreme-sports?

November 23, 2014

In the previous article, “Exploring Scam Websites – Focus on Government Services Copycat sites” we looked back at tax disc scams in the run up to tax disc renewals moving from the post office to online applications. The review of copycat sites by National Trading Standards Board (NTSB)  may be designed to clamp down on… Read More ›

Protecting yourself, your pc and financial data from Cyber Attacks

You have probably read or seen it on the news. There will be a big cyber attack in two weeks. Not quite. In brief, it is not that the attack will come in two weeks, the issue is that Russian and Ukranian criminals’ botnet that was due to distribute this particular attack has been interrupted by the… Read More ›

Omniquad Informs: BT Internet and Yahoo! Email Accounts Compromised – What to do?

BT Internet and Yahoo! Email Accounts Compromised We have recently become aware of several issues associated with BT and Yahoo email accounts. Some of these accounts have become compromised by hackers and as a result their accounts are sending emails to their contacts which contain unauthorised and unsafe links to slimming pills and similar products…. Read More ›

Omniquad warns: Fake Speeding Ticket Emails carry W32.FakeHddRepair Trojan

There are currently emails with the subject line “Uniform Traffic Ticket” in circulation that claims to be from the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles. The email in the example below claims the recipient was caught speeding in New York city at a certain time and recipient is charged of committing the violation “speed… Read More ›

Cover-More fake malware email

Omniquad Alerts: Malware found in Fake Cover-More Insurance Policy Documents

Fake Cover-More Insurance Emails Carry contains zipped exe-file carrying malware The email claims to be from popular Australian based travel insurance provider Cover-More, and disguised as a Travel Insurance policy is a malicious exe-file. The email urges their victim to open the attached .zip file to view the Certificate of Insurance. Example: The body text of the email says: Subject: Cover-More… Read More ›

"Pope could be sued over Child Abuse Claims" Fake CNN News Email

Omniquad warns: Fake CNN and BBC News Alerts point to MALWARE!

Internet criminals have come up with a new way of distributing malware through email campaigns, they send breaking news emails from  some popular news site likes CNN and the BBC. The emails are piggybacking on popular news or current affairs. The email links take victims to malicious websites containing malware. Detailed Analysis of Emails claiming… Read More ›

LinkedIn Phishing Emails – How to distinguish between a Phish and a Legitimate Email

Phishers are targeting the customers of banks, online payment services and social networking sites like HSBC Bank, PayPal, Fedex, Facebook, Evernote, Twitter and LinkedIn etc… Users of any online service or social networking site can be targeted through phishing emails and scams in a number of ways through emails. Below we will show you how… Read More ›

Omniquad Highlights New Tesco Scam Email – This time it is your Credit Card details you must update – yeah right.

Tesco Bank Credit Card – We’ve updated your details Tesco customers are really targeted these days. The current flow of phishing emails informs you that they have updated your credit card details, you just need to log in and verify. Do not fall for this scam please, it is never a good idea to click… Read More ›

Omniquad highlights Spam of the Week: Local Arrest Record Now Posted Online – Find Child Predators in your neighborhood!

Internet scammers preying on our insecurities Britains current focus on child abuse has inspired internet scammers to prey on our insecurities. We see a high number of spam pushing a service which claims to tell you about the arrest records of people living in your neighbourhood . In the below example the subject line says:… Read More ›

Omniquad warns: Korean originating fraud targets Westminster Council and PayByPhone with Malicious spam attack carrying Trojan Horse

Parking Receipt scam email delivering Malware. The email claims to be a notification about an unpaid ticket for parking at St Barnabas Street in the City of Westminster.  The email is sent from which is a contractor handling parking fines on behalf of Westminster Council. The subject fields for all emails are the same… Read More ›

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