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About Omniquad Ltd

Omniquad Logo, as seen on our anti virus hand gel bottles.

Omniquad Logo, as seen on our promotional anti virus hand gel bottles.

Omniquad is an internet security company which helps businesses and organisations secure and manage their networks, email and web security. Our software as service and innovative remote solutions protect against threats at every point, efficiently and effectively giving you greater confidence when browsing, emailing or storing information.

Omniquad was established in 1997, and is now an international company based in London, providing cutting edge software that has won us industry acclaim and media recognition.

But to us the greater job satisfaction comes from customer satisfaction and now that we offer solutions ranging from email security, web-filtering and archiving to data loss prevention and network penetration testing, we are confident in in the security of our clients.

Cloud Solutions

Our latest and most comprehensive internet security is cloud based, offering remote protection against new and emerging threats, thus always keeping one step ahead. Plus our complete web filtering service gives you more choice and more power to eliminate risk, so protecting your assets. Our data recovery service is there as essential backup should things go wrong because under our cloud protection, you can shelter from any stormy weather.

We continue to strive to provide pro-active protection against threats for small and large businesses, public organisations and global companies. Our passion is your best line of defence and we’ll keep working to stay on top of our game so that you can always have complete confidence in us to safeguard your data and privacy; because safety should be a given.

On our blog we want to provide our readers with news and views, update on email scams, phishing emails and other internet security threats. We welcome comments and discussions

The Omniquad Team

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