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Omniquad Customer Update – National Cyber-attack 12.05.2017

Hackers have been exploiting data stolen from the US government and performed multiple cyber-attack across the UK and also globally. The NHS in particular has been affected.

The attackers behind today’s outbreak of WannaCry ransomware are using EternalBlue, a remote code execution attack which takes advantage of a SMBv1 vulnerability in Windows. This vulnerability was patched by Microsoft on March 14, and machines that has not been updated since could potentially be at risk.

Omniquad is taking a multi-pronged approach with regards to both our web and email security solutions.

While this is a zero-hour threat scenario with a significant global outbreak, however our researchers are monitoring traffic patterns on 24/7/365 basis as normal and taking pro-active steps to mitigate the risk.

Omniquad managed security services – Mailwall for email security and Surfwall for web security are updated with threat-blocking intelligence information in near-real time.   The updates are based on directly observed malware traffic, data analytics, security partner data feeds and global reports.  We are monitoring the situation and will keep our customers informed if there are any specific concerns.

-The Omniquad Team

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