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Omniquad launches Mailwall Cloud – Wide Angle protection for Office 365

Many small and large businesses prepare to take to the Clouds with Microsoft Office 365. A cloud based solution makes sense, and a scale-able powerful cloud solution even more sense.  But is it enough?

Sure, it is a good solution in terms of compliance, and in terms of day to day email, and archiving. But there are concerns about up-time and downtime. Many businesses are worried about putting all their eggs in one basket, without a Plan B, or a backup solution.  At Omniquad we can reassure our customers that our mature cloud solutions are tried and tested and integrate seamlessly with Office 365, adding an enhanced level of protection.

Mailwall Cloud adds an essential layer of security for Office 365 that reduces risk, downtime, and combats advanced email security threats

Today email security goes beyond just protecting the organization against virus and spam. Email has become one of the key delivery mechanisms for cyber threats.

Cybersecurity is not just an IT issue, it is a business risk. To tackle this risk a wide angle or a cross-functional approach is necessary.

Bearing in mind that the delivery mechanism for a large segment of cyber-threats is quite simple and not very technical the solution needs to combine the social with the technical. Key factors are typically clicking links in emails, opening attachments with malicious code, carelessly downloading programs, or having weak passwords. Most of this can be addressed by a comprehensive email security solution, which makes the combination of Office 365 with Mailwall Cloud very powerful.

Mailwall Cloud is working alongside Office 365 adding an enhanced layer of security, addressing advanced and targeted threats in email, like phishing and spear-phishing. An Education plug-in is available to enhance users’ knowledge of email threats and the social aspects of internet security through Omniquad’s Phish-wise service.

Key Features and Benefits

  • A cloud-based single interface for managing email
  • Higher capacity for dealing with hidden threats in email
  • Real-time scanning of URLS to protect against malicious links, phishing and spear-phishing
  • Stops spam, virus and malware
  • Reports and advanced quarantine features
  • No extra hardware, no software to install, everything is managed through the Cloud.
  • Feature updates, and virus signature updates distributed automatically and seamlessly through the Cloud
  • Reduces risk of downtime
  • Complete integration with an essential layer of security to Office 365

Other Omniquad cloud hosted security solutions that enhance security in Office 365:

  • Archiving
  • Surfwall Remote cloud hosted web filtering
  • Phish-wise
  • ECRS – Email recovery and contingency service
  • High Definition Data Loss Prevention

Omniquad Cloud Solutions adds a specialist level of security to Office 365.

For businesses that want to move to the cloud with Microsoft and implement Office 365, it makes sense to enhance the level of protection with the mature cloud services that Omniquad offers.  Integrating Office 365 with Mailwall Cloud will reduce downtime and increase security, especially in relation to more advanced threats such as email scams and phishing. There is also the added benefit of including add-ons such as web filtering, archiving and email recovery services as well as data loss prevention for an integrated wide angle security perspective, covering all bases.

Omniquad welcomes Microsoft’s move to the Cloud because it gives organizations a wider choice. Omniquad’s cloud hosted email and web security solutions integrates with our customers solutions whether they are in the Cloud or outside.

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