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Month: November 2014

Microsoft Azure Cloud Service Outages

Unreliability of Microsoft Azure calls for third party products and services to supplement Office 365 Instability in Azure has been causing some major down time for Microsoft’s Cloud customers, including Office 365 users.  According to Microsoft Azures website in the last week “We are experiencing a connectivity issue across multiple Azure Services”, “Microsoft is investigating an issue… Read More ›

Focus on Scam Websites Part II – Paying over the odds to part with personal details. Extreme-sports?

In the previous article, “Exploring Scam Websites – Focus on Government Services Copycat sites” we looked back at tax disc scams in the run up to tax disc renewals moving from the post office to online applications. The review of copycat sites by National Trading Standards Board (NTSB)  may be designed to clamp down on… Read More ›

UK Tax Disc Scams

Exploring Scam Websites – Focus on Government Services Copycat sites

Looking back at “Tax Disc Scams” in particular From October 2014 you could no longer renew your tax disc or pay for road tax at post offices throughout the UK, it would have to be done online. In the run-up to this change, many new websites dedicated to offering tax disc applications popped up.… Read More ›

Omniquad launches Mailwall Cloud – Wide Angle protection for Office 365

Many small and large businesses prepare to take to the Clouds with Microsoft Office 365. A cloud based solution makes sense, and a scale-able powerful cloud solution even more sense.  But is it enough? Sure, it is a good solution in terms of compliance, and in terms of day to day email, and archiving. But… Read More ›

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