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MovieStarPlanet – Not just Child’s Play – What every parent should know.


MovieStarPlanet is a free social interactive fantasy website created for children aged between 8 and 15 years old. Children get to choose from a variety of movie star characters, dress them up, choose their hairstyles, make movies, play games and chat.

The point of the game is to earn fame and fortune by social interacting, making movies and watching other people’s movies. In doing so you can earn Fame Points and Star Coins which can be used to buy more costumes, backdrops for your movies, animations, home decor, etc. Players can also exchange gifts, collect autographs and trade items.

The more competitions you enter, games you play, friends you have and interactions you make, the more rewards you are given and as you progress you can go higher up the levels which allows you to have more character animations and other additions.

MovieStarPlanet VIP Account

The VIP account is available to buy at £49.99 for one year and in return users get 350 diamonds and 50,000 Star Coins. The VIP account also allows you to access additional games, have private chats, get movie additions and animations and fast-track your way to fame and fortune.

In addition StarCoins can be bought via credit card or phone.

Is MovieStarPlanet Safe?

Well the company behind the game would have you think so. On the parent page the company states that they do their utmost to ensure the game is safe and secure

They have clear rules such as not giving away personal information or using inappropriate or abusive language and say that those who break the rules will be locked out of the game either temporarily or permanently. Profiles can also be deleted and IP addresses blocked.

In the parent section they do their best to convince parents of the safety of the game and encourage parents to talk to their children about internet safety. They say that usage is monitored both manually and by automated systems and that filters blacklist certain words. Moderators review all reports which are filed and are continually monitoring the site for inappropriate use.

MovieStar Planet Security and Concerns

You cannot get a website that is designed for children without there being some concerns and certainly MovieStarPlanet has its fair share.

The site has been discussed on both Netmums and Mumsnet, popular parenting sites, where parents have voiced concerns over the website, citing examples of children being sent inappropriate messages, accounts being hacked and children warned for reporting others. Parents also questioned the website’s rewards for befriending strangers and options that allow players to be boyfriend or girlfriend.

To investigate further I set up a free account. I was not asked for an email address or prompted to tell an adult what I was doing. Within minutes I had created a character and was able to participate in chatrooms, some of which are called Love Cafe and Lovers Beach.

Some of the members had fairly innocuous names such as ILoveAnimals but others were called LoverGirl and DistrictLover. There were public chats which consisted of both boys and girls asking members to type ‘123’ if they loved them and asking them if they would go out with them. Others stated that they were ‘hot’.

Most were dressed in rock star type outfits but the boys could go bare breasted and the girls could wear bikinis and black, goth-type brassieres.

I found that if you asked someone how old they were, a warning came up stating you had violated their terms, however members were getting around this violation by using txt speak. A member started chatting to me and his second question to me was to ask if I had a ‘fone’ and could I give him my number.

Members can be invited into each other’s rooms for parties and chat. There didn’t seem to be any way to report the content of a chat but you could report a user by clicking on the warning symbol in their profile. There is also a life-ring symbol at the top right hand corner of the site which takes you to a pop up reminder of the rules.

The forum is full of chat about how to get more coins but the first time you log in you are directed to a post that tells you the rules of the forum, reminds you that it is moderated and informs members that inappropriate posts or language will be result in that member being banned.

I did report the player who asked for my number, a pop-up asked me if I wanted to block or report him. I clicked on report and another option asked if I was sure. Then a window popped up informing me that I could earn 30 coins if I entered my email address but it gave no indication of whether my report had been accepted.

MovieStarPlanet Accounts and Hacking

Hacking is another issue and one quick search leads to dozens of YouTube videos that posted details about how to hack into accounts. Again Mumsnet members reported concerns that their children’s accounts had been hacked and the StarCoins they had collected had been taken.

There are also plenty of sites that offer hacking tools for MovieStarPlanet; this would point to a blatant breach of the rules and security of the site but it’s not clear what, if anything, the site is doing about it.

It is very difficult to effectively monitor any site which is created purely for children and there are certainly many more security measures which MovieStarPlanet could take to ensure the safety of its members. Unfortunately sites like this do attract adults and it is clear from what parents have said and from our own research that the rules are being breached and complaints are not being handled as well as they could be.

As ever we would urge parents to monitor their children’s internet usage and encourage them to report anything which might disturb or unsettle them. Parents have the ultimate control over what their children see online and so it would be wise to use your own discretion at all times but to also ensure that you have access to parental controls and an up-to-date anti-virus system.

-The Omniquad Team

PS. We would love to hear from you if you have any experiences you would like to share. 

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  1. Hi I’m 12 years old girl and I love msp. Personally I think it’s so fun , you can chat to people, make artbooks/photos, create your room,etc. But the hacker problem needs to be sorted. There are way to many people getting hacked and the hackers are scary, my little 8 year old sister got hacked TWICE on two different accounts (that our mum payed VIP for) and I am really scared of getting hacked. Also people ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS ask me for gifts so annoying.

    • I agree, I have been hacked once, twice I have been asked for my password and I have also been scammed. The person that hacked me never got banned! (I did report her btw) She still plays the game on the same account to this day!

  2. Wow I never knew MovieStarPlanet could be dangerous I have a level 58 account and I’ve been with this account for 3 years and I have never gotten hacked but people never asked me for my information and even if they did (witch the did not) I would blockade and report them as you can do to an artbook and to a photo or to the user but I think you went to investigate in 2013 because then new msp has changed There’s still hackers but if you stay safe and block them you won’t get hacked also DO NOT RESPOND TO THEM that’s how they get you’re password so instantly block them you never know what’s out their and I’m only 11 I started playing this when I was 8 years old so yea have fun enjoy the NEW msp!!! c:

    • Hi, i’m a child, but i’ve had several experiences happen on MSP, I was very young and I was a very foolish girl who knew nothing more except on how people can hack you or use very inappropriate language. I was around the age 8, when I had created the account Mariana6815, I played until the age of 10, which still at that age I was a very foolish child. I gave out my password, but I was lucky enough that the person who had hacked me had a heart and sincerely gave me the new password to my account as I begged for her to give it to me. After that I was very cautious on hackers. A couple month’s later, (still at the age of 10, which made me still a foolish child) A person told me that their father had worked for MSP and told her daughter to give VIP to pretty friends she had on MSP, and shortly before that, my VIP for 3 months had ended. The girl was VIP so I was idiot and believed her. Little did i know she was a hacker. And about a day she left the account and never used it again. My account still lays there, untouched. As I wanted 30 stancoins, I put in my name with random numbers to make it seem like a believable email, since I did not own an email myself, I couldn’t remember all the numbers I had typed in, and besides, what hope could have the email worked for, it didn’t exist, so I could not receive the new password, I has left MSP for 3 years, until about 1 week ago, I have made a new account named Caroline6815, I no longer accept VIP offers from anyone, and if I do ever receive an offer, I ask them to make me another account and put VIP on it, therefore I can not get scammed. I am now much more mature to know all the scammers and hackers out there.

  3. This game is bad for ALL kids my uncle has bought me VIP cause I have never gotten vip but honestly im going to pay him back everything he had bought me on MSP this is total… >..<

  4. Hello msp u guys have a nice game but i must tell u something my 8 years old daughter loves this game from the bigining when she told me about it i was a little bit curiouse and saw wen she playd and then i desided to make an acount. We haved so much fun we playd games i buyd vip to her and myself we dresst upp we chattet we shoppt 😊 but one day when we went to the cafe chattroom a girl calld anonymous chattet with my daughter and wrote like that : i am the monster under ur bed dont look down ore u will never open ur eyes again 😈.
    My daughter got scared and told me about wut anonymous wrote to her and i got really freakt out 😵😡. My daughter got so scared that she couldent sleep at night 😢 and i got really angry 👎 plz do something those hackers are scaring the kids 💔😞

    • hi i am no parent i am 16 i was hacked so many times! I was scared it happened when I was 6 I met her! ANOYMOUS!!!!!!! I was so scared I could not ever cope with that game and girls asking to have sex boy asking have sex with me! old men asking to meet up! And a hacker hacked me and said don ‘t look under your bed or you will never ever see again! I was so scared I just wish I listened to my sister! Now I am so scared now at the age of 16! I can not even get my little sis a vip cause everything is awful on movie star planet! My advice is do not play it ! Hackers are out there still

    • I’m 14, and I’m going to tell you straight up that people in the game that say that are just creeps, most of them are my age, and what they do is this thing called “trolling” where they try to scare or make others angry because they think it’s “funny” I currently play this game, and I’m so sorry she had to go through that!!

  5. Hia, I have had a bad experience too! One day this girl asked me to be BFFS and of course I said yes! She was so nice, she wanted to be sisters on MSP. I said yes again to keep her happy but I had no idea what was coming next…she asked me to swap accounts for one minute to see what it was like! I was only young then so I told her my password and then waited for her to tell me her password, but it didn’t happen. Suddenly I was logged out! I quickly panicked and logged back in. she was still logged into hers at the same time,and I furiously told her to tell me her password aswell…I wasted the time talking, rather then changing my password! as I said, I was VERY young!!!! she said NEVER! YOU JUST GOT TROLLED! with a devil face and I got logged out again… this time I was too slow. she beat me to it and changed my password. I didn’t have my email on it and so I was done for…then, as my best friend (who goes on it still, but rarely) screamed at me the next day, the hacker had hacked HER aswell!!!!! She thought it was me until I told her I was hacked too. She are still upset to this day but I am not because guess what? I started a new account called ItzLaceyx and a girl bought me VIP! Then, when that ran out, I hacked…yes okay I hacked someone! She was VIP until the twenty-first of May and I was actually really happy! Now I know three things that you should know too….

    1. Never give ANYONE your password! Not even your best friends! Anyone can be a traitor!
    2. Hackers only hack because either VIPs bullied them or they want power or various other reasons but hey don’t mean to hurt you!
    3. MSP is an OK ( I didn’t say amazing or great, it still is horrible and I never will play on it again, I only did it when I was like seven but im much older than that now! 15+ and I have more sense! the real world is much much much better!) game, you just have to know how to play…


    Victoria x x x

  6. This website is dreadful in fact really criminal. They are happy to take our money but they don’t do anything about the hackers. Three times my daughter has paid to be a vip and the next day logged on to find all her coins and things she purchased gone, or unable to login at all. Someone has changed her password each time then sent her friends horrible messages like ‘I’m coming for you’ and all in her name. I have also been shocked at what other users say to her online and the girlfriend /boyfriend obsession they all seem to have -it’s very dangerous. Thankfully she has the sense to tell us when people are posting rude comments and she is so upset this last time at being hacked she is never going on again. I can’t believe no one seems to be regulating these sites. Who do we complain to? How can we get this stopped? She has spent £30 on absolutely nothing and it really is fraud. But much more important is the children’s safety -this site is not safe for our kids

  7. I have an account too I don`t recommend this I did allot of research YouTube and the website itself and this is all the cons
    Bad laungue
    Rude animations like the middle finger and twerking
    and much more

  8. hi, im an 11 years old girl and i was very addicted to this game. It was fun until i got even deeper. i was hacked and lost about 5 months of work. I dont think msp is taking this seriously because i reported this vip who hacked me but they said they gave her a warning. i think they did, but i also think that she hacked quite a lot of others but because she’s a vip, so her acc isnt deleted. BTW this is what i THINK. NOT what i KNOW!!! i went on a website that said how safe a website is. For games like club penguin or moshi monsters or binweevils, 100% For msp, 51% there’s a virus on it. There are millions of hackers and it is just a money making machine. the prices for real money is just way overpriced. I’d recomend games like animal jam or minecraft.
    thanks !!!

  9. I think that the sexual talk has gone WAY overboard before it was like honey cutie now its like do me hard in the room let me suck ur vegina ( they sent me this) SO DO somthing about it

  10. My 11 year old daughter was a member of movie star planet until this time last year when she informed me that she thought her account had been hacked. She came off it at her own request & we removed the app from the computer. Me & my husband were cleaning her room last week when we found something very disturbing that she had written in her book. She has written ‘James is my bestie’ Then there were directions to meet ‘James’ at Birmingham train station along with prices of trains. On the other page was an inventory of things to take with her when she went to see him. My daughter told me that ‘James’ had asked her to write this all down & fill in the blanks as she did not tell him the town where we lived just the county as it would make ‘James’ happy & that she could run away to see him when ever she wanted. My daughter then 10 years old realised that something wasn’t right & asked him not to contact her any more. She then reported him on Movie Star Planet & she said that it appeared that his account had been removed. My daughter handled this very well considering her age, however she did not inform us of any of this. This is now old news to my daughter however both me & my husband feel like we have been hit by a bus. We cannot take this any further with the police as the computer used has since had the hard drive replaced. ‘James’ proclaimed to be a 13 year old boy. The reality is that adults who want to make contact with children will be attracted to any web site that is targeted for the use of children. The disturbing truth is that ‘James’ probably has a number of accounts on this web site & others & he will move onto the next innocent child & the next until he finds a child that is a little more vulnerable. Please, Please do not let your child onto any game that allows chat with strangers.

  11. Personally, I think that moviestarplanet is a great game (:
    My little girl loves it,especially the pet things

  12. Hello everyone I am 12 year old girl and my username is piya17. I don’t understand why you people so foolishly give out your password when it is clearly written in big letters in the chat box that do not give out your password. If you give your password you will surely get hacked. I have recieved some messages saying if you want free VIP give your password and stuff.ignore these kind of messages and block and report the user and never add them. If you see any user showing inappropriate language or behaviour report and block them. You will soon get a message from a moderator.beware of people who say they are msp moderator or staff. All msp moderators have a moderator sign on their profile. And why are people complaining so much about bad words. So many words are banned on msp. If the user is a small child then the bad word or invalid text becomes red and if you are adult it gets replaced by ####. Don’t make bfs gfs. Stay out of that. Instead add a Beastie there. Msp has banned even simple words like ball. You can’t type numbers even so no way to tell the age. Msp is a fun game to play and those hackers like anonymous, grim reaper, dolly etc. DO NOT EXIST! They have been banned. Report any bad stuff and immediately block. If you want your child to be safe let them play animal jam, moshi monsters etc.

    • I’m 12 years old & I play MSP on the UK server. I went on one day & there was a girl & she said ” Hey can we have some fun together B)” I replied ” What do you mean?!?!??! 😮 O.O tthen she said – takes your clothes off & mine – then as soon after she said ” – lays in bed with you me on bottom you on top – then she said – humphs you – I reported her straight after o.o

  13. Msp is NOT a good game for children to be playing. I played the game a few years ago, and it led to nothing but bad experiences for me. I met TONS of people. I was pressured to go to an online video chat room with other MSP members. Yes, video chat with people I don’t even know. That right there is when it gets dangerous. Also, there is a total riot involving the number one moviestar, Pumpchikin. She’s against bullying, but has caused many many problems. People on the game are just cruel. Foul language telling you to “f off” and things like that. There is very real communication between the other players. It leads to so so so many problems. I had a boyfriend on the sight that I really liked. However, both of our parents didn’t want us to date online, but we did anyway. This led to breaking family rules ext. However, I did meet amazing people on the game that I still am in touch with 3 years after I quit. The game it way to stressful because you are forced to pick a team! Real life people on th game will bully you if you don’t support them, and stuff like that. The game is no good, especially for young kids. Take my advice. I was bullied so much on the game that I lost self esteem and suffered from depression. Msp is not safe, fun, or cool.

    • I was level 25 on the game so I knew a ton of people. If you’re high up in the ranks, you see a lot of bad stuff. Some even say the top moviestars are 16 and up. This game is dangerous and leads to way too much real world contact and communication.

  14. This article makes me mad because MSP was a teen game for ages 13+, but then children started joining so they had to make it suitable for the younger crowd. MSP IS NOT FOR KIDS. THEY ARE RUINING OUR GAME AND ADDING “SAFE CHAT” BECAUSE THE COMPANY NEEDS TO MAKE IT BETTER SUIT KIDS. Just, please, don’t blame MovieStarPlanet for this, it’s full of teens because that’s the crowd it’s intended for!

  15. My 11 year old daughter plays this game. Let me just tell you to stop playing it puts bad thoughts into your childs mind. People can hack you and not only that but your computer and then maybe even track you down and find your house. I was checking out this site and saw how much cyber bullying and inappropriate words and behavior are on this site. There is “dating” on this website there could be old men out there on these young kid sits. The worse part is we moms are spending our own money on “VIP”. Please get your kids off this site right now ASAP.

  16. heya i am 11 years old and i play msp it is a really good game. but the problem is that there are so many hackers and scammers and people that just bully people. i am a VIP on there and i WOULD never bully anyone , my mum doesn’t really msp that much because i have been hacked twice before and i deleted my account , but of course i made a new one but i got hacked on that the one aswelll and my mum banded me from playing msp but 2 months after i made a new account but i haven’t got hack on this account yet but if i was every to get hacked i think my mum would be mad because she has spent so much money on this game for me. So always remember to be safe on this game becuase anything could happend

  17. my daughters acct was hacked last night, her coins taken and the person threatened to murder her family if she didn’t buy them VIP. I called the police and they took a report. I will no longer allow her to use this site. It’s not safe

  18. my nephew had a msp account and her laptop got stolen by one of her friends and had made many msp accounts about being rude to people and asking for personal information and she even made her msp bully others when we found out about this my nephew was really upset and since her cousin made accounts like that it blocked the IP address and wouldn’t let her go on her actual account that had a lot of vip and starcoin upgrades and she worked hard on her account but it all got taken away from her since of her nasty cousin we sent a email to msp but they still haven’t replyed in 3 days I would be very disappointed if she can’t go back on it wasn’t her fault any tips on this would be great

  19. There are some very nasty kids on msp and trust me they find a way to say inapropriet language

  20. MSP is a great game! It is not the site that can be dangerous. It’s the people and there aren’t always goody gumdrops on the internet!!!

      • I love this game im a child on my birthday I got £70 and bought VIP for £60 I got 990 diamonds and 180,000 starcoins I was overjoyed nothibg has ever happened to me on MSP its a perfectly normal fun game and if I was ever to get shut down I would be upset because I spent £60 on that game and before that I bougt 5 weeks VIP and 1 month 🙂

  21. One day I was playing on MSP and was hacked. I was scared. The hacker had restated my computer. It took my brother over 2 hours to try to get my account back. I was scared, msp locked me out for three days. It took a lot of work into allowing them to give me my account back. Ibfeelctheu should trust their players a little bit more.

  22. I used to play MSP when I was ten years old, I’m a little older now but even back then I knew something was wrong with the games atmosphere.
    For example, in every chatroom or player-game there was sexual talk, txt launage for cursing, and fights.
    People were asking each other if they wanted to be married, many shared phone numbers.
    But what frightened me the most were, other then the characters eyes (I swear they were staring at me.) were the hackers.
    So many hackers, there were, I made more then fifty accounts and every got hacked. It was awful.
    So keep your children and yourselves off this game, it is frightning, innapropiate and crawling with hackers.

  23. Hello, im a parent and my opinion on moviestarplanet are quite important. I think moviestarplanet is a good game because your children can meet new people (dont give their name out), they can enjoy fun games and dress up and be them self. Your child should play this so they know , how good the outside world is.

    • Hello, I’m a child and I’m part of most of the people who hate this game.
      Firstly, it’s frighting, hacks and such.
      But also because it is just inappropriate, have you clicked on inventory (or profile, I don’t remember.) and clicked on the clothes your childs account was wearing?
      Yes, bikini!
      Have you seen their profiles?
      Yes, boyfriends! Girlfriends!
      And online dating is EXTREMELY UNSAFE! Your child could say their address or number to that other ‘boy’ or ‘girl’ and might ask each other to visit, or I don’t know, have sex? Whatever! Pedophiles!

      I hope that this info might warn you.


  24. I am 11 years old, and I’m old enough to know what not to do on a website. Its not the website its the users on it. Use common sense. Why would you tell some stranger personal info? Why would you give away a password to some stranger hoping to get goodies? If you use common sense on msp you will have fun and nothing bad will happen.

  25. I used to play MSP a lot back in 2011 (the good old days). Even back then it was sexual talk and that stuff,but not as bad. But the one thing that hasnt change and has gotten worse is the VIP. When i first started out i thought it was cool and i looked at all of the clothing options they had VIP on them. Of course i thought VIP was a thing that if you got to a certain lvel you would gain it,but no! Back then there was only 1 choice of VIP not like today’s Regular,Super,and Elite VIP. Back then it was still a money pit game. It was always begging me to get VIP. Cause let me tell you,3/4 of the clothing was VIP same goes for movie hackrounds,animations,more fame,and more friends. Fast forward to todays and they have more expensive VIP and they taught you for not having it. Constantly putting VIP in your face. You’ll never win the compilations for free vip they give,cause most of the themes they have expensive clothing VIP/NonVIP,VIP movie backrounds,etc. And its sad that kids my age and younger go on google or youtube and look up ways to get “free” VIP. They are usally tricked into giving away their account info because theyre so desperate for VIP. Or these “hack” sites that claim to get you “free” VIP IF you do surveys or download files and which they have surveys so they can get your info. Its sad that people cant play and enjoy it cause people are always shoved with GET VIP NOW from MSP. And btw those super high ranked people where on top back in 2011(some)! Honestly i dont know if they are human or not,cause they must be rich cause they always has The most expensive VIP pack even back then. Honestly i wouodnt be suprised if these high ranked players is a adult pretending to be a kid,or,a MSP staff member. Overall this is just a money making pit

  26. Well movie star planet was originally designed as a game for teens and adults back in 2010 to 2011. There were no restrictions on language, sexual content was frequent, clothing with inappropriate wording were available, there was a cigarette that could be purchased and shown on the avatars lips, there were elements of gore and also a middle finger animation. Around 2012-2013 time, younger children saw that their siblings and friends were playing this and wanted to try it themselves. Movie star planet quickly realised this and started to change everything so it was more ‘child friendly’ so yes a lot has been improved but there will still be some inappropriate aspects, purely because of the way the site used to be. For example some people still have the middle finger showing animation because they got it from the old msp. Although not available any longer, things like cigarettes and middle fingers are still around because they have been carried over. If you really want your child to be 100% safe, do not allow them on this site. There are other sites that are way more child friendly for example moshi monsters or club penguin.

  27. I’m an 11 year old girl and im IN LOVE with MSP!! I have been hacked on a new VIP account but my parents just helped me get VIP on a new account:(

    My mom made me quit playing for a while because you can ‘date’. She saw this as a problem I guess…

    But, MSP is very safe. It doesn’t even let you put numbers!! I guess this is to prevent kids from giving away phone number, addresses, personal information…

    I like it and I hope all kids that play do. I’d recommend this game for ALL kids {lol}

  28. MSP is very safe! If a anonymous user harasses you than you can either block (Which is when you cannot be friends & talk to one another). If a user gets a certain amount of blocks than it will be deleted from the website. If you report a user than they will get a warning or be locked out for a certain amount of time. There are hackers in the game but there is a simple way not to get hacked. If you see a hacker than report & block that hacker quickly. Change you password to something you can remember & log off & log in. You’re able to friend numbers of people & actually become best friends! You should never give out personal info to people you don’t know. MSP is very addictive & should be played for about 3 or less hrs. (Depends on how long you want your child to play.) Every once in a while MSP updates.So MSP is safe & fun!

  29. But sense my Daughter loves it I will not take it away from her Msp is like another world to her I’m a Good mother I don’t take websites that she loves away I just talk to her on how to keep safe before she joins the site but I don’t supervise her 24/7 because my Daughter is very well behaved on websites she reports whoever is mean to her

  30. My Daughter, has been playing MovieStarPlanet for ages now but I am very curious about that website and mad one time this girl said to my Daughter, ”im going to hack you right now” as soon as she said that to my Daughter, My Daughter came running into my Bedroom and crying, I asked her nicely ”What’s wrong?” then she said this girl was going to hack her now, so I went into her Room to watch her on the Computer but then suddenly it logged her out 5 minutes later she kept logging back in but it kept logging her out then 10 minutes later it let her log back in but her status update said this ”HACKED” in big capital letters and she lost 4 Rare items and also the glasses my daughter owned on MovieStarPlanet which cost 1000 star coins, so I told my Daughter to block and report her and change her Password so she did after she changed her password it finally stopped logging her out MSP really needs to have a safety team and moderate the game better and when a child gets their IP address locked out for bad behaviour, they should lock them from the whole sight so they can’t make a new account, But I am so mad My daughter Had VIP and they locked her out for a week and 10 hours which is when her VIP ran out So I contacted msp and they unlocked her but also If your IP ADDRESS EVER GETS LOCKED OUT! it doesn’t mean your locked out from the game it’s just your IP Address so if your IP address gets locked out take your Computer to another place like someone else’s house or the Library and it will work, luckily my Daughters IP address only got locked out at her nans not her house so she can still use it at Home but now for some weird reason I didn’t have to message the staff the number to get unlocked it unlocked without doing anything because luckily my daughter got a 7 DAY BAN ON HER COMPUTER AT HOME OTHERWISE IT WOULDN’T BE UNLOCKED AT HER NANS!

    • I am eleven and i used to play movie star planet. I read reviews and then i quit. i once got locked out for saying to a kid who deleted his account and could only have one or he would get in trouble, “if u delete this account, make another, and u will only have one” i got locked out for a day for saying that. then some girl said the a word and the f word but with a wisteling emogi in frount of it. msp is unsafe for kids and everyone should quit

  31. My 11 year old daughter just simply LOVES this dangerous website, once when she first got addicted to it she demanded “VIP” so I thought it didn’t seem too bad. But she logged into her own low levelled “non-VIP account” and asked me to type my credit card number. But I wasn’t too sure that it was very safe to give my details away, so I got my laptop and typed in “MovieStarPlanet” (Also known as “MSP”) I clicked “Create a MovieStar” and I pressed “Chat” to see what came up then there was 5 or 6 different options so I pressed “High School” and took me to a Cartoon background place where you can talk to strangers and “Friend” random people and a strange boy popped up and asked me to be his “Girl Friend” so I banded my daughter from visiting this weird website until I knew more about it. She was VERY angry and told me and told me it was “Safe!”

    The next day I went to work and took my daughter to school. When she got back with her Dad she went back onto this website on her computer and sneakily took her Dad’s credit card with out him knowing and used it to become “VIP” for 3 Months! Her Dad became very suspicious and called her for dinner she was constantly on her computer all day and most of the night until bed time. She wasn’t coming down stairs so her Dad walked into her bedroom and spotted her on her computer on this “Safe Game”, so some how he blocked the website from her computer so she couldn’t use it. But then I saw her playing it on her IPod and banded all electronics for 4 weeks.

    Then a few more weeks later our bill came though with a “3 Months VIP” cost for £26.99. I went rage and band her IPod until she admitted what had happened and paid her Dad back with pocket money.

    She then got her IPod back and her Dad insisted on her not using this website “EVER AGAIN!” But what we both didn’t realise when ever she went to her friends house for a Sleep-over they where both using this dangerous website and her friends Mum got a virus on her computer from using it. Sarah (my daughter’s friends Mum) went mad and had to pay £145 to get her computer back to normal and also blocked her daughter from visiting “MovieStarPlanet”. Now my daughter has to be monitored by either me or her Dad when going Online on the Internet.

    Please let me know any other social network sites that my daughter shouldn’t be using.

    Thank You

    • Another one is woozworld, because woozworld also has the boyfriend and girlfriend thing. And people get to talk about bad things and spell bad words in a wrong way like:
      (Shatee) which means shit. And (stew pud) which mean stupid, and (bit) which means bitch.
      And even guys come to me and ask me for my phone number and tell me im cute ‘.’ But they dont even know me! So yeah this is another game that is very dangerous for young children.

  32. i have msp and i feel it is a great game yes they have some issues but what games dosen’t ? I feel the moderators do a good job at protecting moviestar’s they do listen to your views so personaly i think they do a good job

  33. I have a VIP account on MSP. Let me just say that if your kids have the game, monitor what they are doing. Not every moment, but keep hold of their username and password so you can always log in and view what your child is doing. I am very unsatisfied with the game, they only want your money. The moderating system is a joke. Too many ways to bypass the system. And the hacking problem is completely ignored.
    Once, this girl was asking me to switch accounts. She said “hey my sister has cancer can we switch accounts?”. I followed by messaging her My apologies and pressured her with many questions. Obviously, it was a ploy to hack my account. Right when I messaged her it was against the rules, the moderating system thought I was the problem and said I received a warning for not following the rules. Really MSP? I’m the one not following the rules?
    Next, bullying. Those on lower levels are obviously put down. The VIPs act very stuck up. Not all, but some pressure others into watching their movies or else they will be deleted. Users are also pressured to give greets. My sister was harassed by this one VIP who made her buy a gift from her wish list. She told my sister she would do the same in return. She lied, of course. I sent her an angry message and blocked/reported. Nothing happened 😦

    The blocking system obviously does not understand the IP address. A boy who broke up with my sister on the game and made fun of her made me mad. I messaged him that was uncalled for and he sent me numerous hate messages. I blocked him but he only returned with a new account and called. Me “ugly” and said “nobody would ever want to be friends with you”. He leaves nasty remarks on all my movies. You can’t trust people on MSP. And you can’t trust MSP either.

    • Its ashame that a game that should be fun has turned into a war zone and a money pit as well. You want your kids to have fun. They beg you incessantly for the money to buy VIP, and it usually blows up in everyones’ face. The only way to have peace is to keep your kids off it. If they are mature and smart enough to play the game and ignore the bull@#$* , they make their own money to buy VIP then good for them. But chances are they are young, impressionable, vulnerable, and unaware of how they can become targets.

      There really isn’t such a thing as “hacking”. That’s a term the kids use to justify manipulating other players to give them their password or somehow manage to reset another player’s password. That’s the part that’s too easy. The developers know this happens. As far as I know, they’ve done nothing to change the login security. All you have to do is know the username of another player, go into their login and reset the password simply by hitting the “forgot password” link. The reset option goes to the “hackers” email. The site doesn’t flag the email as not on user’s account. Too, too easy.

      The big VIPs, the ones everyone wants to connect with of “hack” into are fake. They are designed by the developers to keep players wanting VIP status, and therefore, mom and dad have to pony up. You just have to keep your kids busy with old fashioned activities like reading, talking to friends, crafts, car trips…IDK We as parents have to support each other. My child literally went through a withdraw,the DTees, if you will. But it’s ok, they will soon get over it.

    • This is why MSP is not fun… everything i about the “social” part… if you didn’t have to chat on MSP none of this crap would ever happen…..

    • When you join games like this you should automatically know that you just have to ignore these people…

  34. Hi I’m my name is allison and I’m 13. I love map although it has a few bad things like hackers and rude msp players. I got hacked once for this girl told me I would get free VIP so I gave her my password and she hacked me never listen to what they say. Hackers are the worse so when you see a very disturbing avatar on the chat room right away get out of it and for the rude and disturbing msp players if they send you something nasty or harsh just simply block them don’t let them get to you. Overall I love msp for its a place were I can be me! And have fun .

  35. I’m 11 years old. Moviestarplanet is a great game. One day I tried to get on my account. It said I was looked out of my IP account. 😦 I never got any behaviour warnings before.
    Later I found out I got hacked. 😦 I wish the MSP security wanna better. When I loved on I had no cloths but a pair of shorts. I had no StarCoins either. I was Swager Girl001. I tried to log on and I wouldn’t let me log on. It took me quite a while to get to level 9. So if you play MSP I recommend you take good care of your account and don’t share your password with any other MSP users.

  36. I agree with what everyone has said here ^-^ i am 12 years old and i play moviestarplanet i think it is a great game but very addictive, and personally i think that it should be for kids 13 and over because online dating for 8, 9 & 10 year olds? its just wrong also, you dont even know the people in real life you also know nothing about them! thats why i dont dare date on moviestarplanet, also about the hackers, known as, honeybear101, the grim reaper, the dolly (most common ._.) Anonomous! and also a character with no username underneath them, if you see any of those hackers/people you leave the chatroom straight away block and report them, also i suggest if ANYONE ever asks for your password or tells you they’ll buy you vip, dont do it!!!! i also suggest that when you first start the game you put your email in the game (you may think thats not right but it is do it!) so if anyone ever hacks you and changes your password, you can click forgot password and write your user and your email in and it sends it to your computer.

  37. I personally would not allow children to play this game, simply because there are too many flaws in security; it came up in innocent conversation between myself and my younger sister, she was showing me her items she’s bought for her room and her clothes; she entered a chat room, one of the high-school chat rooms and among the avatars was a rather shady and odd looking character titled dolly, now normally i wouldn’t think anything of it, but the avatars face was rather disturbing; no facial features except for what appeared to be some kind of a mask or mouth, which i’m not sure is in the game or not; but this avatar was lurking around on the sidelines and was generally verbally abusing other players and bullying them; unfortunately, this “Dolly” character decided to pick on my little sister along with various other players asking her for clothes and autos; her threat was simple, “i will hack you if you don’t” at this comment i would laugh and just report the player, but imagine being a young child and someone saying that to you, easily manipulated and quite clearly that would scare any child, they don’t want to get in trouble so; why not do what this person says, fortunately i was able to prevent my sister from giving any information such as passwords or names and house locations; but i fear that other children may fall prey to these hackers.

    also i was rather alarmed when she asked me what something rather explicit was which i do not feel comfortable in discussing due to the crude and foul and nature of the message, i wouldn’t explain to her, and settled it as something she would find out when she was older, the site does have a system which will block certain naughty words from being written and sent, but people have found a way to bypass the system, inevitable yes, but i would simply recommend that parents monitor their children’s online activities, even if they are aware of dangers already; better safe than sorry.

    since this incident, i accessed my younger sister’s account with her permission and have since seen numerous avatars claiming to be hackers, names including Anon, Anonymous, Dolly, Twins and even an avatar without a name, i learnt that this avatar is sometimes known as “the grim reaper” now if that isn’t disturbing for a child, i don’t know what is; but i can safely say, her account has been left alone and this site has been blocked on all of the devices connected to the internet; my parents fully agreed with my actions; and i’m not saying we should ban our children from playing these games and give them no privacy; not at all, far from that; but there is a fine line between safety and privacy invasion, and these people who are out to exploit children care about neither.

    • We shouldn’t not be able to play because some stupid fake people pretending to be hackers empty threaten to hack you….. if you are careful you will know to avoid them automatically leave and block them…. I have seen anonymous a couple times… I am pretty sure some of the top stars are the hackers for many reasons… but on other countries it does not block numbers or other certain words….

  38. I play MovieStarPlanet, and I really like the game. Its fun to make movies, buy new outfits, and things like that. However, on ANY online game you find your going to find someone who wants to steal accounts or someone who wants to make inappropriate interactions with anyone on a gaming website. I honestly think that the whole boyfriend/girlfriend thing on a gaming website is not safe at all, especially for younger kids who want to play MovieStarPlanet. I don’t participate in online dating, nor do I want to. And yes, I have seen some inappropriate people in chat rooms calling people some inappropriate names and cyber bullying. Parents, just know that there are people out there who may approach your kids in a nasty way. But, you can also block and report people on there, making it so the person can’t be in the same chat room, game, or message them. My younger cousins also play MovieStarPlanet, and they enjoy it, too. I always remind them not to online date, always tell there parents if someone interacts with someone inappropriately, and to block anyone who asks for their passwords. I believe that parents should only take kids of MovieStarPlanet if they are also interacting inappropriately with other users, not because someone interacts with them inappropriately. And if that does happen, and they do the right thing, be proud of your kid for not choosing to join bad influences.

  39. Hello I am 14 years old and I JUST LOVE LOVE AND LOVE MSP! 🙂 it is like the best kids website ever but here is some things I want to say

    I was just looking around on Msp the first day I joined I made loads of nice and kind friends

    But then suddenly when I reached level 9 something very bad happened to me it started like this one today I was in the skate park chat-room then I seen this girl called MissPerfect we started talking and stuff while I was in there she acted all sweet and stuff so I was happy 🙂

    1 week later…. she messaged me on a random day and said this ” Hey want 1000 star coins and more VIP if I give you more VIP it will last forever she said”

    I just could not say no so I said Yeah sure that would be nice 🙂 …..

    Then she asked me something she said Can I have your password though so I can give u your 1000 star coins and extra VIP

    But then suddenly I fell for it 😦 so I gave her my password then she suddenly logged out and logged in my account then I knew I was being Hacked caus it automatically logged ME out then I kept trying to log back in but it kept logging me out 😦

    But then she changed my password to ILovetigers12345 I know this because I used ”Forgot Password” to find out what she changed my password to

    Then I logged back in my account luckily I got it back then I went quickly as possible to change the password to something hard she wont figure out

    I was quick to change the password caus I copied and pasted the password she changed it to then quickly wrote the new password


    Here is some Tips to follow on msp now

    (1) NEVER SHARE YOUR PASSWORD (only to your Mum and Dad)

    (2) IF SOMEONE TELLS YOU TO CHANGE YOUR PASSWORD STOP!! no body can give you Starcoins VIP or Diamonds

    (3) DONT TRUST THESE PEOPLE THEY ARE HACKERS! Kayala , Mera Bella , The Terror Twins , The Dolly , Anonymous , Grim Reaper and HoneyBear101 ok.

    ~ Brittney

    • “NEVER SHARE YOUR PASSWORD (only to your Mum and Dad)”

      That is very good advice Brittney.
      From the experience of you and other posters here, it seems like most of the people who experience being hacked at MSP have given away their passwords to other players, often lured by extra vip status and coins.
      There is the old adage, “if it looks too good to be true, it probably isn’t true”.

      Ask yourselves, why would anybody give away free stuff to strangers?

      – The Omniquad Team

      • It’s not always the persons fault…… this post is very offensive you make us sound stupid… one girl was just logged out and right when she went back in it said her account didn’t exist…………

    • It’s not MSPS fault that you go hacked, is it? It is your own fault if you get hacked because you were enough of an idiot to give them your pass! I, for one have been hacked many times, my first account was hacked and now my level 23 account was deleted 😪

    • Some people actually can and they won’t ask you for your password or to change this they can also give you free VIP… but I wouldn’t do this because they have to use MSP’s Hack tool to get it…..

  40. MSP is okay I guess. I mean hackers are everywhere. I really wouldn’t buy V.I.P anymore just because it is really not a big deal getting hacked anymore. Unless you were like a really good member and and spent time and money on that website. I’ve only had VIP once and really its nothing great. I would rather play Poptropica than MSP because sometimes MSP has updates and you lose some of your clothes. I used to have 4 pages of clothes now I have 2. Just some words of advice if you see someone in a MSP chatroom and they don’t have a name underneath them get out even if you are talking to someone get out ASAP they are hackers. I’ve never personally been hacked but I’ve watched videos on YouTube about hacker hunting. The strongest password you can have is one with capital and lowercase letters and numbers. If you plan on playing MSP much longer be safe. I really don’t like it as much as I used to. Oh and one more thing I don’t see MSP rolling in as much money as they are now in a few years. I’m 14 and I’ve been playing MSP since it came out. MSP has changed for the worse. I don’t think it will ever be the same MSP it was.

  41. I am an 11 year old girl who plays this website and all of you are right I agree with all of you. I used to play this and my mom let me get vip for a month and once I got it I got way more friends but then it was annoying cause people literally harass you for greets and gifts and wishies ugh its annoying and then you got the top hackers that everyone is afraid of and some people make pranks and pretend to be the famous hackers and go on chats and even message people asking for their passwords and saying that they are gonna hack you I know this from personal experience. once a girl made an acc with the name ANON IS BACK nobody is safe and so she messaged me asking for my password and said she was gonna hack me with the devil face I was so scared until I found out she was fake and the famous hackers are Anonymous, also known as anon, The grim reaper, The dolly, and a new one, The twins, or something like that. thats all I can think of right now. there are a lot of fake hacker accounts that threaten to hack you and message you. also, there are some users on this website that ask to date and call you pretty, cute, and then onto further things that im uncomfortable with mentioning… and they also ask you for adresses and phone numbers. I am lucky that Im smart enough not to give away that stuff I know about old men and predators coming to your house, and doing stuff with you… this is why I stay safe on websites and I encourage my friends to too like once my friend almost gave this guy on MSP Her adress but I stopped her and im glad I still have her and there are also bullying problems on msp like if you dont have vip or are new, most vips are jerks and I know this from asking to be someones friend in chat and they called me a noob and said im ugly and I should kill myself but I didnt listen because i support non bullying and some of my friends get cyberbullied and i hav to help them thru it and I said to her to not tell people to kill themselves because someone might actually think they are worthless and ugly and do it, its not funny. i suggest you get your kids off of msp for good i used to play this and i hate it now. i only go on with my friends if they want to play a game on it and thats IT i suggest not playing this its a horrible website. Also I read the parents section to see if they mentioned about girlfriends and boyfriends but they didnt. a lot of boys messaged me when i got vip but I said no i never dated on msp i didnt want to i think online dating is wrong and it says its a kid website ugh. also someone on youtube made a video of them asking people FOR THEIR PASSWORDS AND LOGGING ONTO THEM it sickened me. thanks for reading all of this if you did and I hope I provided information for you if ur kids play this game. all of this is from personal experience from me playing the game and if u want to try it out for yourself go ahead and check if its safe enough for ur kids but I recommend not to my mom told me not to play it anymore after i told her i quit and all about the website. i hope u enjoyed my info thanks 4 reading

    • I totally agree with you and the VIPs that are bullies and tell you to kill yourself and that u have no life, we’ll I just tell them actually u don’t have a life because you spend all your time and money on a dumb internet game. I used to play it but now I’m done, I rather play a safer online game or video game on an xbox or something

    • I agree on the “dating” thing it ruins the WHOLE game!! Today I was in a chat room, and I was calling on a girl and a boy because they were like Oh I love you babe! Your so cute!! SO I started telling the girl you don’t even know each others ages, that guy could be a serial killer!!! And the girls like lol you whip whore! And I went wow I bet your 8, and she said I’m 9 by the way… and that’s when I lost it then she went around telling people she’s bullying me and my boyfriend! She’s hurting me! make her stop! And then she typed I don’t want to listen to this bully and left….. but what gets me is the guy refused to tell her his age… when I said you know he could be 60 years old she went who cares…… Must have one of those mothers that doesn’t care what her daughters doing and then the daughter grows up to be a bully……O.O

  42. I know this website may seem bad to a lot of parents, but the kids that use this website should be old enough the understand common sense and how to use it. When I was a kid, my mother would always let me go on any website I wanted because she trusted me. If every parent tries to spy on their kid 24/7, the kids will eventually go behind their back and do what they are not supposed to do. Parents should just have a stern talking to with their kids letting them know that if they want to go onto a children’s website, let them. But first, talk about the dangers of the internet and to report users who do bad stuff. My child tells me all about the wonders of Moviestarplanet and what she does everyday on that website. My daughter has come across some bad users and reported them. It only took a day for the Moviestarplanet staff to notify her that the user has been reported. So just stay calm because Moviestarplanet is not a bad site.

  43. My daughter had someone ask her to trade movie stars for an hour. She fell for it and gave them her password. The other user changed her password and took over her VIP account. I emailed MSP support and they asked me to send receipt of purchase of membership. I forwarded the iTunes receipt and they reset the account and sent us a new password. No issues! I have since had a discussion with. My daughter about never sharing personal information!!

  44. god if took msp from my kid she will be in a long term of sadness so i will not take this game from my child. i am a fun mom and i do not take things away from my kid that makes her happy she has only one friend and i feel bad for her so i will not take it away from her….. 🙂

  45. It is a nasty website. I emailed MSP staff about the hacking, they said that ‘It is impossible to hack users, their idea of hacking is poor password security.’ It is all about silly levels and huge bills attacking your bank account.

    My 9 year old girl came running crying to me, saying something. I couldn’t even HEAR what she was saying she was crying so much. Then I told her to calm down and tell me what had happened. She told me a girl called ‘Anonomous’ had messaged her a devil, said she was ugly and hacked her. My daughter was a VIP, and it was just after Christmas when I had bought all this for her.

    She made a second account, starting over. She added her old friends, and went into a chatroom called ‘Beverly Hills Café.’ I was on the sofa next to her, when I saw a disturbing avatar lurking in the background. It had no username underneath (which I assumed wasn’t normal as she did). So I thought it was moviestarplanet staff in the chatroom. But no, my daughter let out a gasp, and I SAW her being logged out. I asked her who it was, and she said with a shaky voice “I think that was Grim Reaper…”

    She logged in again and it said ‘Sorry, your login failed, did you type the password correctly?’ I am tired of this. It should be focused on safety rather than money. You can have virtual boyfriends, and apparently her friend was worrying her sick, saying she was going to cut her wrists because her ‘boyfriend’ dumped her. THESE ARE KIDS IN MIND YOU KNOW!!!

  46. don’t be so protective, this is like another world to them. they get to be whoever they want, just like you prob already told your children, but on a game. it shows what the real world is like and it looks like your trying to protect them from that, your insane. if your daughter/son gets hacked, no big deal! you could easily make a new account and start over. this site not only helped me with making friends in real life, but also prepared me for the worse! after i played this game i realized anything can be taken away from you in a second. you just got to learn to start over and move on. if you are really that concerned that your daughter is being introduced to the real world, go ahead and lock her up like Rapunzel. Shes going to find out everything sooner or later!

    • You may be right in some ways, but for the most part parenting does involve setting limits, adhering to rules, protecting their kids from danger, and in some cases cutting them off from things they enjoy as form of discipline. My child has run up credit card bills, lost friends, and was bullied by other girls due to this game. You have to step in no matter what the popular school of thought is. This game is not for everybody. I agree it is designed for fun and make believe. But I’ve had to remove her from this game because it has done more harm than good for her. If you have children, you will understand. Children think in black and white. Many times they do not understand it’s fantasy. There are predatory adults, also, who play this game as their hunting ground. I’m sorry to say you may want to rethink how you blog with concerned parents who have lost money, bounced checks, wiped away tears, and in some cases had to call the police. My Philosophy is with internet games is this: One Strike and You’re Out. My daughter and MSP got one one strike. She’s been off the game and DOES NOT MISS IT!

  47. I have a question. On my daughters message feed with another girl on MSP it says that she said something mean yesterday. My daughter is adamant that because her friend is a VIP judge she can send a message and make it look like my daughter sent it. Does anyone know wether that’s true. It sounds so improbable.

    • I am not sure if that’s possible, but I will talk to my daughter, who is no longer allowed to play MSP, (for obvious reasons), to see if you can disguise your message feed. MSP is another way for kids to cyber bully. Don’t put up with it. If you have the guts to ban your child from that game, do it ASAP to avoid further heartbreak and save you $$$. My daughter was threatened with prosecution by other parents due to their child’s accusations of theft and the like.I still haven’t figured out what went on but my child is not in jail so I assume it was all bullshit. I’ll try to get back to you on your question. In the meantime, limit her time on the game and block any of her friends that seem fishy or abusive. Report them if necessary.

    • No it is not possible. You can only delete messages that appear on your screen. I am a vip judge and this is not possible. it is possible your daughter has told a lie

      • Thanks very much for your help on this. Both daughters will be off MSP from now on.

      • Smart choice. Keep them off the game! To avoid any more little white lies and mysterious charges to your bank account, BLOCK THE SITE. ASAP

  48. I’ve had problems with this site for a few months, and I’ve just found out that my nearly 9 year old daughter has been using a text service on my mobile phone to purchase for VIP packages for spending on virtual clothes and greetings / gifts for online friends. Texts have been being sent via a company called boku and it has just cost me several hundred pounds.

    Over the past few months whilst using the site my daughter has complained of hacking, people stealing her virtual items, her messages consist of nothing but “can I have..”, and “you’re sexy, wanna d8”, boys telling her what to wear or calling her ugly….. the site is a complete, shallow, fake, waste of time. It encourages poor writing, meaningless preoccupations, disinterest in learning / creativity, and I can tell you for sure that the sheer amount of bored / neglected teens and pre-teens who are all trying to act far too old for their age make the site nothing but a bad influence.

    What the above article says is correct, the admins DO warn children for reporting others, and blame hacking on children for giving away passwords. They’re all about money and their employees don’t / can’t keep on top of inappropriate behaviours. “It’s a parent’s job”.. in reality, no sensible parent whether supervising or not would want their own child have pointless conversations with neglected bored kids anyway – and judging by the content of most conversations – no child want to expose them to a parent either. It’s a game of secrecy and financial competitiveness, and the company’s painting of a happy, safe, older child’s website for talking to friends and being creative is not the reality.

    Additionally the “most famous” characters are simply set ups by the company intended to give children unattainable “fame” standards to pay for, so MSP company can eat up all their / your money for doing nothing. It’s literally millions of pounds for nothing. More importantly, it’s a distraction from real life, slows education, gives kids absolutely no creative or productive skills, or in fact anything useful at all, in return.

    So in short, don’t do what I did and hope it’s just a harmless website. Without the secrecy and “fame” competition that no one but the individual cares about, it’s nothing like what it’s cracked up to be, kids either have virtual dates at 8-10 years old or ask each other for things that cost money, and that’s all they do. And these perverted designers make a lot of money out of it.

    Nasty site, don’t recommend MSP to anybody.

  49. My 11 year old daughter was accused of hacking her friends account. Now, I know there is a lot of nonsense going on and 11 year old girls are vicious creatures. Aside from the usual ways of duping players into giving out passwords, could she have indeed done this even though she swears she did not. I would like to believe her but her friend said her email address appeared somewhere. Not sure where when or how. Can anyone give me an idea how the “hacking” takes place. I contacted the company about this issue and they claim that there is no such thing as hacking and the sites that claim “how tos” are a sham.

    • My daughter is 10 years old. She got accused of hacking to,that they blocked our IP address. I wrote to them numerous times. My daughter told me that 2 people threaten to hack her account, and force her to give 2 pieces of clothes to her.We paid for year to extra stuff, Its only been 2 months of playing the game. They told me she band for life, because it was coming from our computer. My daughter has been so upset. One of the girls that was threatening her they said her user name that was coming from IP address?? I’m so confused. I know there is trouble with internet Explorer that there has been hacking going on reported. So was told to move Google Chrome until fixed. I keep writing to them to let me see writing my daughter had with people she was threatening. It seem like they can’t come up with that. One of the girls that threaten my daughter they said they will block her for only 7 days. I’m so furious!

      • Yes, there’s nothing like a fresh way to lose friends, cyber bully, and spend momma’s money without her knowing. You have to get them off that game ASAP. When you cancel one credit card they find another way to pay for their upgrades. It’s too easy for them to run up your phone bills, paypal bills etc.

        The kids don’t really “hack” they just use a friend’s login and reset the password. If the “hacking “victim” is logged in, she gets logged off. While she’s trying to reset her own password, the “hacker is gifting themselves with her victim’s goodies.

        My daughter was accused of actually stealing another child’s identity through hacking. The parent threatened to have my 11 year old child with a federal offence. After calming her down, I contacted the asshole who threatened her and told him that no credit card info nor SSN was stolen. If my child could do that at 11 yrs old then we are movin to China and I’m fixin to make a fortune! Parents get really riled up with this stuff because their kids can go on a spending spree. Shut it down Kathy. Keep your kid off that garbage all together.

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