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Heres looking at Vimeo! – Their security settings are pretty comprehensive!


Vimeo is a video sharing social media platform that had 14 million active members in December 2012 and has over 675 million visits a year. Not bad for a website that was first launched to a small audience at the end of 2004.

One of the major benefits of Vimeo is the high quality resolution and the fact that it supports HD, which makes even your shaky holiday video look like a Hollywood movie! Well ok, not quite but you get the idea.

The website’s profile has been boosted of late by some high profile activity. In 2009 Britney Spears used the platform to air her music video for the single Radar and the White House are regular users; sharing their broadcasts with Vimeo in high definition.

Vimeo now host the annual Vimeo awards for 13 categories including Advertising, Experimental, Music Video, Remix, Animation and so on.

How Does Vimeo Work?

You don’t have to be an expert film maker to use Vimeo. The dashboard is easy and simple to use and it has a fantastic help section that guides new users step by step. Unsurprisingly it also has video tutorials.

As well as uploading videos you can use basic edit features in Vimeo and there are guides done by Vimeo members and the site itself which are full of handy tips and hints on making your footage look professional. Members are advised to use a movie editing tool before uploading the video onto Vimeo if they want any advanced features and if you aren’t sure how to use your Windows or Mac movie editing program then Vimeo has a tutorial on this too!

The guides are written in simple, easy to understand language that appeals to beginners as well as more complex guides for advanced members.

Is Vimeo Free?

Vimeo used to be a free platform and members enjoyed unlimited uploads but with the arrival of Vimeo Plus and Vimeo Pro, basic accounts are now limited to:

  • 500mb of upload space per week
  • One HD video upload
  • Users can have their own channel plus one group and 3 albums
  • Upload up to 10 videos per day with basic embedding features

Vimeo Plus was launched in 2008 for the advanced user and this entitles them to an unlimited package, channels, groups and albums plus HD embeds and high quality video re-encoding. Vimeo Plus accounts will also be free from ads.

As Vimeo Plus users can upload up to 5 gigabytes of content (around 2.5 hours of playtime) this paves the way for full length HD movies to be screened on Vimeo. All this for around £39.50 a year.

Vimeo Pro is largely for business and commercial use at a cost of £140 a year. This offers advanced analytics, priority uploading, a commercial hosting option, full mobile, tablet and TV compatibility and more.

Vimeo for Business is the latest paid subscription option which allows for Dropbox integration, full 1080p HD and customisable video player.

Are There Any Security or Privacy Risks Associated With Vimeo?

Vimeo has addressed any privacy concerns by including comprehensive privacy settings which allow users to hide their activity stream and stats on their personal video page. Videos can also be marked as private and users can be blocked and reported.

Like any other social media platform, members have been targeted by phishing emails. These can be reported by members and Vimeo also warn people never to give out their account or personal details.

Security-wise Vimeo is a lot safer than YouTube for members as it’s easier to stay anonymous and keep your videos private but Vimeo does have a limited audience compared with YouTube so that classic video you just uploaded is unlikely to go viral. Yet this does appeal to more professional film-makers and as a viewer, you are much more likely to see arty videos and clever footage than say, a dog running after some deer.

You can read more about Vimeo’s privacy settings on their FAQ. It is well worth familiarizing yourself with security and privacy settings when opening an account on a social media or sharing site, in fact it should be compulsory!

– The Omniquad Team

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