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Month: February 2013

How Pinterest Rocked the World of Social Media

You have probably noticed the Pinterest button next to Facebook and G+ and the plethora of other buttons appearing on websites calling you to some sort of action. Pinterest is an extremely popular new type of social media which came out of virtually nowhere to become the third largest social platform in the world with… Read More ›

Blogging – Another aspect of Business and Life Online. But are there any Security Pitfalls?

Blogging – It seems everybody blogs these days. Is your website really reaching out to your audience? Are you engaging their attention in an entertaining and helpful way? Your site may tell the visitor everything about your company and the services you offer but does it actually talk to them? I think you know what… Read More ›

Instagram – What is it, what does it do? – Your non-tech guide to Instagram and Security risks involved

You have probably heard about Instagram – But what is it? (A “Newbies” Guide to Instagram) Your Quick and Easy Guide to Instagram Instagram is one of the most popular photo sharing apps there is with around 90 million active users per month uploading almost 40 million photos per day. So just why is it… Read More ›

Twitter Hacked – details of 250,000 Twitter users compromised.

Hackers have been keeping busy! In the last couple of weeks high profile American newspapers The Wall Street Journal and New York Times have both been hacked by Chinese hackers. There is nothing to suggest that the same hackers are behind the cyber attack on Twitter, but it has all come to light over the… Read More ›

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