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Month: November 2012

Omniquad Highlights New Tesco Scam Email – This time it is your Credit Card details you must update – yeah right.

Tesco Bank Credit Card – We’ve updated your details Tesco customers are really targeted these days. The current flow of phishing emails informs you that they have updated your credit card details, you just need to log in and verify. Do not fall for this scam please, it is never a good idea to click… Read More ›

Omniquad highlights Spam of the Week: Local Arrest Record Now Posted Online – Find Child Predators in your neighborhood!

Internet scammers preying on our insecurities Britains current focus on child abuse has inspired internet scammers to prey on our insecurities. We see a high number of spam pushing a service which claims to tell you about the arrest records of people living in your neighbourhood . In the below example the subject line says:… Read More ›

Omniquad warns: Korean originating fraud targets Westminster Council and PayByPhone with Malicious spam attack carrying Trojan Horse

Parking Receipt scam email delivering Malware. The email claims to be a notification about an unpaid ticket for parking at St Barnabas Street in the City of Westminster.  The email is sent from which is a contractor handling parking fines on behalf of Westminster Council. The subject fields for all emails are the same… Read More ›

Protecting your online security – Your guide to safe passwords

Protection from Password Hackers—Easy if You Know How! Hacking is never going away– so remember that when you setup your accounts and passwords, whether it’s for an email account or an online video game. Hacking and identity theft are becoming more common because it easy for hackers, and can be very profitable for a little… Read More ›

“Congratulations, you won a free Tesco voucher!!!” Beware of new Phishing E-mails targeting Tesco customers

Free Tesco Voucher Scam – “You have won £2000!” Wow. Christmas came early this year…. If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is! The messages claim to be from Tesco and explains that the user has been selected as one of the lucky winner of a 2000 pounds Tesco voucher, and all you… Read More ›

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