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Month: October 2012

Omniquad highlights new E-mail Scam – Don’t be scammed by your own scanner!

Omniquad’s technicians are warning about emails that appear to come from your own scanner or multipurpose printer!  The emails got caught in the Mailwall Remote spam filter, and at first they thought they were legitimate scanned documents, but the emails did not in fact contain any scanned documents, but links to sites containing malware. The fake… Read More ›

The Real Worms of Recent Facebook Scams – Worm:Win32/Gamarue.I

A “worm” is a type of malware that covertly and maliciously integrates itself into program or data files, and infects more files each time the host program is run. Omniquad’s Mailwall Remote team has been analyzing the malware found in the most recent wave of Facebook email scams. They intercepted the malware as Worm:Win32/Gamarue.I How does Worm:Win32/Gamarue.I… Read More ›

Digital Parenting – Keeping your Child safe using Mobile Internet

How Safe Are Your Children With Mobile Internet? As the internet is now accessible on mobile devices such as smartphones and iPods as well as home computers, are parents fighting a losing battle to keep their children’s internet usage under control? Just how safe can you make the internet for children? Here are a few… Read More ›

Facebook Email Scam warning – “your friend added a new photo”

Do not let this latest wave of scam emails trick you into clicking the big blue button in these emails. You wont get to see a photo of yourself, you will infect your system with a Trojan horse. Social networking has changed the way businesses communicate with their customers and partners, and how people stay… Read More ›

HM Revenue & Customs Tax Refund Scam Email

Email Phishing Scam – Fraudulent email from HM Revenue & Customs “Limitations to your Tax Refunds”

Criminals are currently targeting UK citizens with phishing emails,  claiming to be from HM Revenue & Customs giving update on your tax refunds. The email subject line is “Limitations to your Tax Refunds”, and the message body contains the HM Revenue & Customs logo, with body text: Tax Refund Confirmation  HM Revenue & Customs is constantly… Read More ›

Omniquad warns: Skype users targeted – Trojan horse through Email and Worms in instant messaging

Popular Internet Communications network, Skype has been targeted by internet fraudsters across multiple media in recent days with both a Trojan originating from scam emails, and worms affecting the Skype communication platform. Trojan horse in Email claiming to be from Skype An email purporting to come from Skype with subject heading “you have new voice… Read More ›

Microsoft Security updates Phishing Scam

Microsoft Security updates phishing scam The Email purports to come from Microsoft Corporation and claims that all email users across the world are requested to validate their account information by clicking a link in the message and threatening to delete your account from the email server unless you have validated the account. The email appears… Read More ›

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