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Month: August 2012

Type of Malware: Trojan

Omniquad Warns: J2 Global eFax hoax Email with Malware – Win32/TrojanDownloader

Omniquad Security technicians are reporting a wave of malicious emails targeting users of J2 Global eFax services. J2Global  offers internet fax services, hosted email and online back us services. The company has more than 11 million customers world wide. Emails containing a Trojan are targeting their customers. The email purporting to be from J2 Global eFax services… Read More ›

Omniquad warns not to fall for the London “2012 Olympic” Email Scam fraudulently evoking both the Games and their Sponsors.

British Airways and London Olympics 2012 used as bait for Email Phishing Scam. The London Olympics 2012 has been targeted by various scams, but one of the latest scam attempts is following the script of your good old “lottery scam”. The scammers are using both the name of London 2012 Olympics, and reputable British Airways… Read More ›

FedEx Tracking Notifications carries a Trojan

Omniquad warns about W32/Trojan3 in Fraudulent FedEx Tracking Notification Emails

FedEx fraudulent tracking notification emails carries malware Omniquad has intercepted a wave of fraudulant email notifications purporting to be from the FedEx courier service. Its aprearance and contents are almost identical to the genuine email notification from FedEx, so it is difficult to recognize it as fraud unless you know what to look out for…. Read More ›

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