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Why you should always be vigilant, and show common sense online.

Online Common Sense.

Common sense is defined by the Merriam-Webster online dictionary as, “sound and prudent judgment based on a simple perception of the situation or facts.”

The 21st Century is a technology rich landscape, where a huge part of our daily lives are focused by what is available to us online. At the risk of coining another phrase, “With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility” and the immortal words of good old Stan Lee have never been truer than where the internet is concerned. The web gives us unprecidented freedom, but we must accept that it is a tool rife for abuse and we must look to use a bit of common sense in order to protect ourselves.

i)                    When we hunker down in front of our computer screens we are removed from the face-to-face interaction of yester-year, but we must remember that being hidden from it is not the same as being removed from it. Be aware that although they can’t see us, the cyber criminals know we are there and are going to try just as hard to defraud us.

ii)     forum, but wherever you browse. or chat, there will be lurkers and not everyone will be the ‘friend’ you assume them to be.

iii)                Always use well constructed and thought out passwords to safeguard your registrations and however much you trust someone, don’t share them. They might be the very paragons of virtue, but it doesn’t prevent them from being ripe for the attentions of con artists.

iv)                Where available, use the onsite security protocols available to that particular website. They are there to be used and have been written by people who care about their customers and are commited to fighting an all too common problem. If they are there use them.

v)                  Be wary of where your searching takes you. Reputable websites aren’t infalable, but they are a lot  safer than those even you might consider to be a little ‘risky’! It is often true that malicious code is lurking on unsavory websites.

vi)                Overall, don’t panic Mr Mannering! The web is a wonderful tool and something we should be constantly thankful for. Just tread carefully and use the caution you would apply in the real world to your computing. YOU are your best line of defence. If something looks wrong and smells wrong… probably is wrong.

Mike Taylor                                                                                              24th July 2012

P.S Your web browsing will be a lot safer if you use a web filtering solution, such as Surfwall Remote

– The Omniquad Team

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