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We moved our entire Enterprise range of services to a Cloud environment years ago, rebranding our email filtering solutions to Mailwall Remote and web filtering to Surfwall Remote. The “Remote” part of the name signalled that the service was run remotely from a central server base rather than “in house”. It revolutionized how we do business, as everything became so much simpler, from deployment, to updates, upgrades and patches, but also from a technical support perspective. Bringing each new feature to market takes minutes rather than months.
You can’t turn the clock back, the Cloud is here to stay, and rather than holding clients hostage and making problems over licensing, enterprise solution providers need to work out how they can make their solutions “cloud friendly” and look upon this as a business opportunity rather than a problem.
Sissel Hansen


Good job, Mr. IT Director! You developed a great cloud computing strategy and executed brilliantly. You created a hybrid cloud architecture and incorporated contestability at multiple points in your technology stack to help you achieve the best service levels at the lowest cost. You’re ready to launch your cloud service to the rest of the enterprise and migrate applications at a rapid clip. Unfortunately, your enterprise software vendor has a gun pointed at your head and is threatening to derail the whole initiative. This could get ugly.

No software = No cloud

The cloud promises to help enterprises become more agile and reduce cost (at least for individual applications, if not in aggregate). But not everybody is happy about this.

Fundamentally, cloud computing threatens the existing IT status quo. Today’s current market share leaders may not be tomorrow’s cloud market share leaders. Incumbent vendors have spent years creating leverage…

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