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Month: July 2012

Powerball Lottery Scam

Lottery Email Scam: “You have won a large amount of money!” – Really?

How often do you get spam saying you have won a prize, or a substantial amount of money?   I reckon most people just classify it as junk, bin it, and think no more of it. But not everybody, which is why we think it is important to inform people of age-old scams doing the… Read More ›

Fraudulent PayPal site - a convincing copy of the real PayPal site.

Omniquad Warns: The most recent PayPal Phishing scam doing the rounds – link to fraudulent copycat site,

Paypal Phishing scam linking to fraudulent webpage The global payments and money transfers service has become victim of yet another email phishing scam. The email purporting to come from Paypal, tells you that your PayPal account has become limited and to activate your PayPal account again by clicking the link provided in email.  … Read More ›

Why you should always be vigilant, and show common sense online.

Online Common Sense. Common sense is defined by the Merriam-Webster online dictionary as, “sound and prudent judgment based on a simple perception of the situation or facts.” The 21st Century is a technology rich landscape, where a huge part of our daily lives are focused by what is available to us online. At the risk… Read More ›

What has YouTube got in common with Canadian Pharmacies?

Forewarned is forearmed: Recent Phishing Scams The internet is a wonderful invention; you can keep in touch with friends, share photos, find information about just about anything, and even work from the comfort of your home. However, along with all that, there are those who try and beat the system by taking advantage of people’s… Read More ›

Email Threats - What you get from clicking links....

Top 5 Reasons You Should Not Click on Links sent via E-mail!

Top 5 Reasons You Should Not Click on Links sent via E-Mail Yes, it has been talked about and, written about and, the conversation is dead. Not quite.  People are still clicking on links sent in e-mails and, that means what has been written has not reached all the people and, there is room for… Read More ›

Trojans – What Trojans are, and how to protect against them.

“What are Trojans, and why must I avoid them?” Definition: A Trojan or Trojan horse is defined as,  “…malicious, security-breaking program that is disguised as something benign”. The Internet is littered with viruses, worms and, Trojans commonly known as malware. Trojans are one of the most annoying forms of malware and, the sneakiest, as they… Read More ›

Twilio Evangelist Builds Popular Phone-Powered Rolling Robot, Hints Flying Bot Is Next

This brings a new dimension to the Lego Mindstorm fans among us, I’d like to share this on our blog because: It is Sunday, it is cool, it is Robotics and Phones, whats not to like…

News in Brief : Yahoo! and Formspring Hacked

Just a brief note to warn that Yahoo! and Formspring have been hacked. Formspring has asked its 28 million users to update their details after the breach which saw 430.000 passwords leaked online. The Register reports “A sample of 420,000 password hashes for the question-and-answer website have been posted online, sparking concerns that the entire user… Read More ›

ING Bank Email Scam

Bank Email Fraud: ING Email phishing scam

Email Phishing attacks relating to Banks and financial institutions. We see this type of scam in many shapes and forms. The emails are based around the same template, but the branding is changing dependent on the target. This type of fraudulent email is exclusively designed for carrying out phishing attacks on several banks or financial… Read More ›


Spam – Why is Spam a problem?

Ask your Grandparents about SPAM and they’ll smile and tell you that the 1937 Hormel Food Corporation creation helped us win the war.   Ask anyone with an email account in the 21st Century and they’ll tell you that it’s the biggest problem facing the internet generation today!         Today’s SPAM, also known… Read More ›

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